Is YS-Casting Right for Your Project?

At YS-Casting, we craft sand casting components with three different casting process to satisfy your different technology demands. How can YS-Casting save your company time, money, and stress?

Is YS-Casting Right for Your Project?
Is YS-Casting Right for Your Project?

Target Casting Specifications


Our target casts include the following specifications.

Weight: Up to 1 Ton.

We specialize in ductile iron and gray iron.

Machined and finished castings lead to a turnkey part for your application.

Service & Support


We also believe in superior service at every level. That's why we provide order status updates once a week, casting simulation to prove out your design conforms to actual production, and a dedicated engineer assigned to your project.

Our Proven Expertise


At YS-Casting, these are some industries we specialize in.

■ Agricultural Machinery

■ Energy

■ Water Industry

■ Construction Machinery

■ Construction & Infrastructure

■ Traffic (offshore, train and truck)

■ Fitness Equipment

■ Baler Knotter & Parts

Our Certifications 


Our certifications speak to our high standards. Put our expertise to work on your next project.

■ ISO 9001:2015

What can you expect when you partner with YS Casting?


At YS-Casting, we always strive to help you navigate to the best option of moulding process can create your part as efficiently and economic as possible. 

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Your Next Project

Ready to take the next steps? We’ve been building customer trust for more than 20 years. Contact YS-Casting to get started on your next project.